We are the CIBG, an executive organization of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. We offer citizens, healthcare professionals and (government) organizations transparent and reliable data and information in healthcare and welfare. With our services we provide insight into who is who, who can do what and who is allowed to do what?

Who we are

The organization started in 1995. The name CIBG dates from 2000 and stands for Central Information Point for Healthcare Professions. Since then, the organization has been given many more tasks and the name no longer covers what we do. That is why only the letter combination CIBG is used.

What we do

As CIBG, we receive assignments from policy departments of ministries, mostly from the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. There is close contact with the policy department of the ministry about the implementation of the task. Ultimately, we determine how implementation is organized within the CIBG. This involves colleagues with different tasks and roles from different departments.

We offer our services almost entirely digitally. But if people cannot find a solution digitally, we also offer it on paper and we are also a counter if you want to speak to someone.

A selection of our tasks and activities:

  • We register healthcare providers (BIG), veterinarians, people's choices about organ donation, people with a Social Hygiene diploma.
  • We publish annual reports of healthcare institutions.
  • We test top incomes in healthcare, new healthcare institutions.
  • We set maximum prices for medicines.
  • We produce medicinal cannabis or have it produced.
  • We recognize tissue banks and blood banks, foreign diplomas for professions in the healthcare sector.
  • We provide access passes to healthcare providers for access to digital patient data and secure e-mail messaging, drug licenses, donor test lab licenses, opium exemptions.

How to contact us

Do you have a question for the CIBG? Then use our contact form. Do you have a complaint? Then use our complaint form.